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Birthdate:Mar 22
Location:beijing, China
the name is comkun, university and gaming, sometimes an internship, not busy in general
80% SD from supernatural.
I don't ship J2 in the manner of RPS,
i appreciate the fact they're both married to gorgeous wives and have cute little babies.
but the thing is...happiness punches me in my face when i see Jensen and Jared standing by each other with stupid but joyful look on their faces. Jensen and Jared are friends and i love it.
about misha. he's a nice guy considering those interaction he had with his fans and the charity he funded-GISHWHES is amazing everyone should try it. it's hard not to like him.

other than SD, i ship
castiel/balthazar+spideypool+hannigram+00Q+sterek+doctor/master+Rowecest+Leo/Ezio+...i can't remember

actors i like
mads mikkelsen, luke evans, dylan o' brian, johnny depp and anyone else from Supernatural (call me nuts

social networks are amazing
vpn is the greatest thing us human ever invented

most time of the year in toronto
but right now in Beijing (arrrhhh for some reason i didn't bring my playstation back with me
have written a few fanfics, mostly of Rowecest, just so you know, Delsin Rowe/Reggie Rowe
yes they're also brothers and if you have problems with shipping brothers,
that's not my concern, i totally respect your decision

feel free to say hi and ask questions :-)

Interests (21):

adam lambert, daydreaming, doctor who, fob, gaming, green day, harry potter, i love pewdiepie btw, is watching youtube an hobby, nicki minaj, photography, piano, reading, singing, subtitles, supernatural, teen wolf, 三体, 裂国系列, 起点, 那多
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